Who Is This TroJenn Character? (A Prologue)

“Now, Voyager, sail thou forth, to seek and find.” 

-Walt Whitman, “The Untold Want”


Welcome! Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Jenn, and I started this blog as a wee entering freshman, already bleeding cardinal and gold and eager to join my Trojan family. I’m a So-Cal native who vowed once upon a time to desert my picture-perfect, mild-weathered homeland for real seasons and who I thought would be real people. This was before I fell in love with a certain brick-paved university in the middle of Los Angeles with an inexplicably high squirrel population…

Yep, you guessed it- USC!

From the first time I set foot on campus, I knew I would make it my goal to make my dream come true. Once my wish was granted, I wanted to ensure that I savor every minute of my experience. Thus, this blog, this public diary of my college life, was born!

Now, before we get started and you wonder who on earth this crazy girl is, I will tell you just a little bit about myself.

I am enamored of words both written and spoken, infatuated with both the terrifying and the beautiful opportunities with which they present us. As you might have guessed, I entered my freshman year as a declared English major, though I finally dropped anchor in the School of Cinematic Arts.

In addition to reading books and watching a good deal of TV and movies, I am a lover of screenwriting, theater, drawing, painting, baking, gardening, Disneyland, Dexter, Tumblr, fashion, tea, coffee, friends, and- of course- family.

So, here I have painted a very vague and two-dimensional portrait of myself. My aim in creating this page is not to build some noble pedestal from which to deliver my musings or even to create a true biography to capture my entire personality. Consider it useful background information– the reason why I choose to speak (write?) the way I do or fixate on certain aspects of USC life rather than others- or a simple icebreaker of sorts.

Whatever you wish to call it, I am honored you decided to stop by. Please, peruse a bit and share my adventures!

Questions? Comments? Concerns?

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